Safety Management System

How do I become compliant?

Implementing the safety management system for a new lab

To help you to implement a safe working environment, we have defined a documentation system which will ensure that you review and minimise the risks and hazards in your environment. To create that documentation system, follow the checklist below, including the hyperlinks to other web pages with more information and templates of the documents you will need.

  1. Get yourself a large ring binder, with ten dividers.
  2. Label the folder.
  3. Label the ten dividers with ten standard risk categories.
  4. Under each risk area, print and file the following:
    1. manifest
    2. hazard identification checklist
    3. for Plant: inspection and maintenance SOP
    4. where appropriate: operating manual
  5. At the front of your Safety folder, include:
    1. Lab staff list
    2. Corrective action list
    3. Cyclic review list
    4. Licenses and authorisations
    5. More things I am sure
  6. Define a standard location in your lab for this folder. You might like to affix a sign at that location.
  7. Affix a sign to you lab with after-hours contact information
  8. Emergency Procedures Manuals:Modify the first page of the to suit the particulars of your lab, and install at the outside of your lab.

Now that you have the bare bones of your documentation in place, you should complete the templates. That is, fill out the manifests for each risk category, identify and minimise the risks and hazards, define the inspection and maintenance procedures, write operating manuals for plant and equipment, etc.

In this process, you can expect to define Corrective Actions, which you will enter onto your Corrective Action List, and review periodically as defined in your Cyclic Review List.